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photo: Rein Janzen

Creek Restoration


Upper Gardom Creek is also known as Mallory Creek

Upper Gardom Creek, which runs along Mallory Road, is the only inflow creek to Gardom Lake and is an important part of the lake's watershed.  It flows seasonally during the late winter and spring, depending on temperatures and the amount of precipitation. One of the recommendations of the Gardom Lake Management Plan was the "daylighting"  or restoration of this creek to help restore some of its original functions.

Work is being planned for the mouth of the creek which will include relocating the creek to its original alignment, planting riparian vegetation, restoring a wetland area and livestock fencing.

To learn more read: Mallory Creek Letter Report 2015

Link to LMP

The main phases of project include wetland construction, impoundment maintenance, and returning the creek mouth to its original alignment.  There will be an emphasis on planting indigenous riparian vegetation, and creating and enhancing habitat.


The wetland phase of this project began in 2018 with the construction of our first wetland on Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) Right of Way (ROW) North of Musgrave Road.  BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) holds a permit to construct works on the MoTI RoW and BCWF has a Memorandum and Agreement of Mutual Cooperation with the Gardom Lake Stewardship Society.  Since constructing the wetland in the late fall of 2018 there has been ongoing work on the wetland.  There have been numerous work days for indigenous species planting, path building, invasive plant species removal, bench building, mulching, and most recently the construction of a turtle nesting site.

Funding for this project so far has been received from:

Shuswap Watershed Council (SWC)

Province of British Columbia Greg Kyllo MLA

We have received many generous donations and contributions of supplies, equipment and volunteer "work in kind".  All of which have made our progress to date possible.  Please see our Many Thanks page for a full listing of all those we are thankful for.

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