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  Lake usage   

Public use of Gardom Lake has been increasing in recent years. Activities include boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing (angling and ice-fishing), wildlife watching, swimming and beach use. The increasing pressure on the lake was one of the reasons for developing a Lake Management Plan (See GLMP).

GLSS believes that a lake usage survey is needed in order to make informed decisions for the health of the Lake. In recent years, BC Fisheries (part of Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations) has conducted periodic surveys of number of angler days. Gardom Lake is reported to have the second highest use of all 571 lakes in the Okanagan area, with over 5,000 angler days. This is heavy usage for this small lake. At this time there are no statistics for other uses of the Lake.

In 2015 there was strong public opposition to the proposal by the CSRD to create a full scale  boat launch on the Lake.  GLSS supported the opposition because of concerns that it would put more pressure on the ecosystem of the Lake. The recent designation of the Lake to “Electric Motors Only” by Transport Canada in 2014, will likely reduce the need for a full scale boat launch.


There are two parks on the lake - Musgrave Community Park and Gardom Lake Community Park, which both have hand boat launches. Teal Road is a small trailer boat launch.

As well as public use, the lake is home to a Canadian Veterans Holiday Camp and a Bible Camp (capacity of approx. 300). There are also approximately 40 residential properties around the lake.


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