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Gardom Lake


Location :  11 km NW of Enderby and 16 km SE of Salmon Arm, in British Columbia
Surface area :  75.9 ha (187.5 acres)
Elevation :  545 m (1789.5 ft)
Depth : mostly shallow with maximum depth of 23.5 m (78 ft)
Average depth : 8.8 m (28.9 ft)
Perimeter: 4.1 km plus 1.2 km of island shoreline


Gardom Lake Facts

Unique features of Gardom Lake:


Primarily spring fed, with a very low "flushing" (water replacement) rate

•  the main inflow to the lake is from underground springs

•  the only inlet stream (Mallory Creek) flows from winter to early spring, and the outlet
   stream (Gardom Creek) flows in the spring

Shallow and tends to have low oxygen levels

•  in summer, when the water warms, it holds less oxygen

•  low oxygen can contribute to algae blooms in the spring - our water testing shows
   low oxygen levels below 5 to 10 meters

•  since the early 1980’s BC Fisheries has aerated the lake in the fall to reduce winter
   fish-kill due to lack of oxygen

The Lake is considered “mesotrophic” or middle aged

•  lakes go through a natural aging process over geologic time, as shown in the
   diagram below

•  rich in biomass needed for vegetation and insect life, providing food for fish and

•  considered to be sensitive to contaminants


The lake has a relatively small watershed.

•  Local government (The Columbia Shuswap Regional District) has mapped the
   watershed of the lake

•  What happens in the watershed will affect the health of the lake.  For example
   clearing as little as 5% of a watershed can result in changes in runoff and affect a
(Source Tom Holz, Washington State Stormwater engineer).


The Riparian Area


Gardom Lake's waterfront residents can play an important role in maintaining the health of the lake. By maintaining the native shoreline vegetation, that acts as the filter for run-off water from uplands, lake water quality will be protected. While we are fortunate to have a large amount of undisturbed shoreline at Gardom, it is very important to retain it.

The Ranchero Deep Creek Official Community Plan designates a “Development Permit Area” around Gardom Lake to protect the shoreline for fish habitat and water quality. This covers 30 metres above the high water mark, and a permit is needed to carry out any development in this area.  A Development Permit can be obtained from the CSRD.  Link to OCP (see pages 48 to 50).

Things to do to protect Gardom Lake

•  Minimize the disturbance of shoreline areas

   – keep natural vegetation cover
•  Limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides, particularly avoiding
    them during rain
•  Manage septic systems


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