Gardom Lake


Location :  11 km NW of Enderby and 16 km SE of Salmon Arm, in British Columbia
Surface area :  75.9 ha (187.5 acres)
Elevation :  545 m (1789.5 ft)
Depth : mostly shallow with maximum depth of 23.5 m (78 ft)
Average depth : 8.8 m (28.9 ft)
Perimeter: 4.1 km plus 1.2 km of island shoreline


Gardom Lake Facts

Unique features of Gardom Lake:


Primarily spring fed, with a very low "flushing" (water replacement) rate

•  the main inflow to the lake is from underground springs

•  the only inlet stream (Mallory Creek) flows from winter to early spring, and the outlet
   stream (Gardom Creek) flows in the spring

Shallow and tends to have low oxygen levels

•  in summer, when the water warms, it holds less oxygen

•  low oxygen can contribute to algae blooms in the spring - our water testing shows
   low oxygen levels below 5 to 10 meters

•  since the early 1980’s BC Fisheries has aerated the lake in the fall to reduce winter
   fish-kill due to lack of oxygen

The Lake is considered “mesotrophic” or middle aged

•  lakes go through a natural aging process over geologic time, as shown in the
   diagram below

•  rich in biomass needed for vegetation and insect life, providing food for fish and

•  considered to be sensitive to contaminants


The lake has a relatively small watershed.

•  Local government (The Columbia Shuswap Regional District) has mapped the
   watershed of the lake

•  What happens in the watershed will affect the health of the lake.  For example
   clearing as little as 5% of a watershed can result in changes in runoff and affect a
(Source Tom Holz, Washington State Stormwater engineer).