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After more than a year of hard work by community members and groups, progress has been made! The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) is at the feasibility study phase for protection area status on Mallory Ridge.


As part of the feasibility study, there was an on-site meeting on April 13th followed by a hike hosted by the CSRD's Fiona Barton. Thirty stakeholders  attended with expertise and interests in zoology, botany, wetlands, birding  and trails. Directors of the Gardom Lake Stewardship Society, the Mallory Ridge Community Trails Society and other local groups were in attendance along with community members including those living adjacent to the proposed park. All shared their passion for Mallory Ridge from their perspective.


CSRD Director Dean Trumbley is extremely supportive in moving this project forward within the CSRD.



On December 2, 2022 Liz Winter, Gene Dodd, and Tom and Eleanor Marshall had a phone conference with Earl Corsi, Woodlands Operations Manager for Tolko to discuss Tolko’s plans on Mallory Ridge. Here is some of the important information we received:


Tolko says they have received an abundance of information on the special value of Mallory Ridge and that they understand the importance of the area locally. They are also aware of the 23 year long history of advocacy for the protection of the area.


Tolko is currently in an information collection phase and does not plan to proceed past this stage in 2023. They have no plans to oppose any group seeking legislative protection for Mallory Ridge and since they have no approved logging plans in place, there are no conflicts preventing government protection of the area.


Prior to proceeding past the information collection stage, Tolko will provide notice to local stakeholders and advocacy groups of updated plans and timelines and commitments and seek additional input from local residents, user groups, and First Nations. Terrain and hydrological assessments would occur at this time as well.


Tolko has reviewed the area and determined there are properties at risk of wildfire with no fuel breaks in the area.


Earl Corsi also pointed out that since this is Crown Land, even if Tolko does not proceed with logging in the area, any resource company could come in and apply for the right to extract resources in the area including other logging companies.


It remains the hope and intent of the Gardom Lake Stewardship Society and the Mallory Ridge Advocacy Group to achieve permanent protection for the 255 hectares of Crown land on Mallory Ridge and we continue to believe that logging in the area is incompatible with the protection of the many ecological, hydrological, and recreational values present there.


We very much appreciate the incredible support that members of the local community have shown for our advocacy work so far!

Our work is not done though. If you haven’t joined the Mallory Ridge Advocacy Group (no fee) please join using the Advocacy Group Membership Form available on the Gardom Lake Stewardship Society’s website homepage ( ).  Every signature helps increase the weight of our message. If you have friends or family that would support us, please spread the word.


While you are visiting the Stewardship Society’s website, consider joining their organization and supporting their decades of work keeping Gardom Lake healthy and a wonderful place to live and visit!

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