The watershed of a body of water plays an important role in the health of a lake, river or stream. (A watershed is defined as the entire region that drains into a body of water.)  What happens in the watershed will affect the health of the lake.  For example clearing as little as 5% of a watershed can result in changes in runoff and affect a lake. (Source Tom Holz, Washington State Stormwater engineer).

Gardom Lake has a small watershed because there is little higher land surrounding it.

See the Columbia Shuswap Regional District's map of the watershed of the lake. LINK

Upper Gardom Creek aka Mallory Creek

Gardom Creek, which runs along Mallory Road, is the only inflow creek to Gardom Lake and is an important part of the lake's watershed.  It flows seasonally during the late winter and spring, depending on temperatures and the amount of precipitation. One of the recommendations of the Gardom Lake Management Plan was the restoration of this creek to help restore some of its original functions.

Work is being planned for the mouth of the creek which will include relocating the creek to its original alignment, planting riparian vegetation, restoring a wetland area and livestock fencing.

To learn more read: Mallory Creek Letter Report 2015



In early 2020, a small number of residents received postcards from Tolko asking for feedback about 4 proposed cut blocks.  This includes the watersheds to the south of Gardom Lake, to the Grange Road bowl and Glenmary Road. The cut blocks are within the last remaining forested Crown land between Mallory Ridge and Glenmary Road, on the Enderby side of the ridge.   

Our advocacy group has been very proactive and appreciates all the support we have received. If you are interested in being notified of future meetings with Tolko, or can offer expertise or assistance, please send an email to toelmarshall@gmail.com. Check back here for updates as the situation progresses. Also, the Gardom Lake Stewardship Society is critical to the support and success of our advocacy and we encourage everyone to consider becoming a member.  Membership application forms are available here:    www.gardomlakestewards.org.

To learn more about proposed logging in our watershed:  


See the Columbia Shuswap Regional District's map showing the proposed cut blocks:  map